Automated Translation with our Comprehensive Suite

Connector solutions

Our flexible and easily integrated connector solutions make automating your content systems’ localisation processes effortless. With our powerful language technology, you can streamline the entire process — from content creation to global publication. As the first of its kind on the market, we also offer connector solutions for your current language service providers. Not only can you automate your own processes but also those of your language service providers, reducing overall time-to-market!

Workflow management

Tailor localisation process to your specific needs and project requirements with our flexible workflow management options. Select the right vendors for the job and define set rules for sourcing translations. Our workflow options allow clients to sync their translation teams and localisation projects and maximise their automation, all while staying in full control.

Powerful language technology

24|contenthub gives clients the benefit of years of experience and user feedback by integrating 24technology’s proven translation memory and terminology systems into an automated workflow. The resulting technology joins a fully featured translation memory system with a powerful terminology system.

Save money with our centralised translation memory, and ensure consistent quality with centralised glossaries from our terminology system. By selecting 24|contenthub as a centralised platform, you will benefit independently of the translators or language service providers you choose to work with; you will never have to order the same translation twice, and can ensure that your website stays up-to-date. Our technology automatically identifies your changes and sends a pre-translated version of the page, for the translator to make changes within the context of the whole page. Use our terminology system to set guidelines, and quickly verify whether the translator applied your terminology.

Translation editor

Translate directly within 24|contenthub’s environment using our translation editor. Take advantage of our user-friendly translation editor for company-wide translations. Bring your freelancers, in-house translators and in-country reviewers together in one work environment.

Prefer to use your current environment instead of our translation editor? No problem, we provide unrivalled compatibility for leading CAT tools.

Transparency & Reports

An effortless user experience is our top priority; that's why our interfaces are designed with customer needs in mind. Stay informed about the progress of your project via 24|contenthub’s overview function, and take advantage of its reporting capabilities to track spending and savings. Put an end to lengthy and confusing e-mail communication, misplaced budget overviews and hours of reporting with one simple solution.

Are you looking for specific reporting functionalities? We can easily customise our reports feature to meet client-specific needs.

Supplier management

With 24|contenthub’s supplier management module, you can integrate as many translators, reviewers or other participants as you need into our translation automation platform, all without worrying about seat licenses. 24|contenthub gives you the flexibility to expand your user pool at anytime. Our platform will adapt to your needs and your business requirements, at no additional cost to you. This allows clients to streamline the overall process by bringing in-house translators, in-country reviewers and/or freelancers on board. Our 24|marketplace module allows your entire team to join a single workflow. Customers may also give previous or current language service providers access to 24|marketplace to organise their work.